NAHBS – Clockwork Bikes’ Slippery Stainless Silver Track Bike

first_imgClockwork hails from Minneapolis, and was sharing one giant booth with several other small builders, including Peacock Groove and Capricorn.  They build pretty much any kind of bike imaginable: road, track, urban, mountain bike, 29er, cyclocross, touring and full suspension, plus stems, forks and racks.  All from steel using either Columbus, Deda or True Temper tubing.OK.  I broke down and called Joel at Clockwork to learn more about the bike.   These nice smooth joints are sanded silver brazing.  The silver that’s used on the joints is yellowish because it’s only about 40% silver, the rest is alloys and the brazing (heating) process causes a little oxidation.The tubeset on this track bike is Columbus’ new Stainless Steel XCR tubeset.  The frame alone on this would $2,000 (which actually isn’t that bad considering what you’re getting…).  The response on this and his other bikes has boosted their orders…leadtime jumped from 4-ish months before the show to about 8 months at present.The road and commuter/utility bikes here show some of their other craftsmanship, like custom racks and sweet lugs. NAHBS 2010 – Clockwork’s booth suffered from a time crunch and OCD problem.  Admittedly, both of those problems were mine…I was trying to, nay obsessed with hitting every booth and, with no one immediately available to talk to here, I snapped some pics and moved on.  So, for more words, specs and details, hit up their website.  For more pics of this stainless steel track bike and some other pretty bicycles, jump past the break…last_img

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