FlixBus connects Zagreb with 450 destinations throughout Europe

first_imgThe expansion of FlixBus from the first day, when it started with four international lines from Zagreb, Split, Rijeka and Pula, is impressive until today. With five Croatian bus partners from Slavonia, Dalmatia, Istria, Zagorje and the city of Zagreb, all parts of Croatia are connected with the largest business, cultural and entertainment centers directly such as Munich, Vienna, Budapest, Frankfurt, Milan, Turin, Rome, Ljubljana and other major hubs.When it comes to Croatia, there are currently directly (without transfers) connected to over 100 cities with 7 neighboring countries, but with transfers in the largest hubs of FlixBus, passengers have access to far more destinations. Thus, at the moment Zagreb is connected with 450 destinations and in addition to these 7 countries (Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary and Switzerland), it is very easy to reach France, Romania, Slovakia, Poland, the Netherlands and Denmark. .˝All previous preparations and research for the entry of FlixBus into Croatia and the rest of the region have been elaborated in detail through many studies of the complete team and support from the main branch of FlixBus. Therefore, we are proud of the speed and flow of business development. We have charted a sustainable path and steps towards achieving the goal, which is European No.1˝ Dean Čebohin pointed out and concluded that globally, FlixBus with 100.000 connections in 900 destinations and 20 countries provides carefree travel for almost 35 million passengers, and Croatia is part of that.FlixBus teams in the background work on network planning, quality development, investing in high technology and software, dealing with customer support, traffic management, marketing and sales development. It is this background machinery that is in charge of connecting 1.000 destinations in 20 European countries, through 100.000 daily connections, for their smooth management and development, FlixBus points out.”With the daily development of the network, the number of available destinations is growing, not only from Zagreb, but also from other cities throughout Croatia, and European cities are also available seven times a week.”Said Petra Milinović, Public Relations Manager for FlixBus.Related news:REVOLUTION IN TRANSPORT – ACHIEVEMENT OF VOLLA AND UBER ACHIEVEMENT!last_img

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