World Dairy Expo: Do’s and don’ts when encountering protesters

first_imgAnti-dairy and animal rights advocates have been circulating requests via social media for others to join them for planned protests during World Dairy Expo 2017 in Madison, Wisconsin. The invitations identify two specific dates and times for the planned protests: Friday, Oct. 6, noon-2 p.m., and Saturday, Oct. 7, 4-6 p.m. DMI offers recommendationsDairy Management Inc. (DMI) offers the following recommendations and reminders when encountering animal rights activists:advertisementadvertisement• Animal rights activists have a right to free speech, even if you do not agree with their message. Leave it to law enforcement or event officials to manage the situation and to designate a place for protestors to legally gather on public property.• Trying to hold a conversation so they can understand your perspective as a farmer will not change their minds.• Do not allow your emotions to get the best of you by shouting, mimicking or turning to violence with activists. Engaging with them in a negative manner feeds into their strategy and it could provide visuals or sound bites for news outlets. Remember, your body language and actions speak volumes. If challenged, don’t take the bait!• Be on guard as activists may use a cell phone to easily record your comments and give it to the media or post on their social channels. A video or image of you engaging with activists could paint you in a negative light and invite unintended attention.• Refrain from posting photos or videos of activists on your social media networks as it will only amplify their message and give them attention.advertisement• Be sure to talk with children about how to manage encounters with activists as they are often a target of special interest groups that see them as an easy target.An article appearing previously in Progressive Dairyman article, “Animal rights activists target fairs and livestock shows,” provides additional insights. Dave NatzkeEditorProgressive DairymanEmail Dave [email protected]last_img

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