Taobao 12 baby declaration how to write Sai your baby declaration

nice to say, let’s take a look at

2012 Taobao shuangshier play. Taobao official claimed twelve 2012 Taobao promotion will "forget the numbers", price war, no longer in the sales ranking, but hope that consumers and businesses are "fun, fun". This is also a "container" type area, independent of "man" and "beauty", "new" and "characteristics" and "five life" theme pavilion. Under each theme, to provide more than and 50 labels for each scene of life, for consumers to choose freely. Here we talk about "how to write the seller Taobao double 12 baby declaration" or simply want to have better at Taobao – in.

I come here to find the most intelligent and product features baby declaration

ex boyfriend, ex girlfriend, former reserve spare tire, tire; Michelin tire, tire for grass root rich handsome


comment: the grass root jietan, spare tire roar! Hulus is really grass root of the diamond in spare tire! Look at this declaration, then the poor will prepare a fetal


buy a color to buy a toilet to go home ~ ~ but not pregnant! ~ ~ ~ ~ (> _< ~~~~


comment: if you buy with it, it is responsible for the treasurer of the


Guan Yu is riding a red horse through the 12 day shoot me to double this baby, actually tip under the framework of


comment: the treasurer will not give a lover is not afraid of putting knife ruthless Qinglong,


said the clothes to see the love of the 1212 of the net profit of all donated to the poor mountains.

commented: "I live in the poor mountainous areas ~ ~! Winds from the mountains to scratch!! to me! I mountain children!" so many years, I have never seen such a loving


know how to die "Jack", was not Mark Ed Faye’s death!


comments: "Ruth" how did not prepare a piece of ah!

bought my wallpaper to prove you have a house.

comment: what logic! Nothing! If you buy, the shopkeeper is tube sent


can’t keep up with her, I’ll give up!

comment: the person is iron, rice is a steel, I want a good, enough to have the strength to continue to pursue.

Ge You saw my hair dryer, all of them have no hair ah!

comments: Ge You says:NND, lying in the gun, I like this cool, you have opinions ah…

this is a link to the magic.

comments: five ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ eight city


1212 "no"? How can I buy a step, no way! That way.

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