Yi Xun named Yuezhan Jingdong singles melee electricity supplier began to warm up

with double 11 singles approaching, the major electricity suppliers are sharpening for. Unlike in previous years, many electricity providers are no longer satisfied with the passive situation take a "free ride", but grab before the "double eleven" arrival, an early start to seize the initiative. At present, Tmall, suning.com, easy fast network, excellent shopping network, Jingdong, shop No. 1, the United States and many other home appliances announced their promotion plan in advance.


electricity supplier’s fast and easy network to the Jingdong announced a high-profile war, and called the "three." "battle plan": from the start of November 5th "hurricane action" promotion began, according to Jingdong mall launched the expensive to lose the price service, as long as the price is expensive than the Jingdong will pay the difference. Shenzhen electric Agel Ecommerce Ltd founder Gong Wenxiang said: "fast and easy network announced three.", "cannon" Jingdong, indicates that the electricity supplier war entered the competition stage.


plan with previous Tmall is similar to that on that day in November 11th hit 50 percent off discount; Suning announced, suning.com, Suning Tesco official dual brand three formats with "double eleven" promotion battle, start the line the whole category of price promotions, the Beijing market will hit 6 hundred million goals. Shop No. 1 is a "brand value of 10 million yuan ticket delivery", "1000 half off commodity Kuangqiang" and other activities.

relative to the 8· 15 performance, Jingdong in the double eleven is relatively low-key. Jingdong to the mall yesterday, "First Financial Daily" the reporter said, "double eleven" this year, Jingdong will use shopping coupons in the form of feedback.

this year as the "single day" for the first time in the weekend, was regarded as "the electricity supplier industry last 2012 price war".

China electronic commerce research center monitoring data show that the third quarter of 2012 B2C online shopping market share is still ranked first accounted for 46.8% of the Tmall mall, mall with 21.5% Jingdong ranked second; suning.com ranked third, but the market share is only 3.8%.

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