Foreign pier CEO Ceng Bibo Ocean terminal is not a cattle company

[Abstract] cross-border electricity supplier wharf yesterday completed a $100 million B round of financing. Cross-border electricity supplier in the huge capital will usher in the industry reshuffle.


Tencent technology Sun Hongchao reported on January 28th

cross-border electricity supplier industry is currently the largest financing in the afternoon to complete the official, the protagonist is the foreign terminal. In the sharing meeting, said Ceng Bibo, founder of the foreign port, the object of financing there are two, an investor from the A round with the cast, another because there is a national background, it is not convenient to disclose.

the night before, had blue by way of an internal e-mail to announce the financing in the mail had blue ridicule has rejected his investment of Party Propaganda: "sorry, we pro,


according to the contents of the message shows that the two investors should be the race for the international fund and the competition for radical.

The following

for blue ocean pier had oral, finishing:

science and technology TencentThe enemy of

investment circle

two or three weeks before the announcement, we have confirmed the financing. We really tangled is not such a high-profile announcement, in 2013 at the ocean terminal once in the field of cross-border electricity supplier to get the first pen VCs, then we chose a low-key, but still want a high-profile.

didn’t think this let me become a high-profile investment in the circle of top public enemy, a lot of investment in the WeChat circle of friends are kidding me, even I have offended some hope to get in here I feed my friends in the media.

Perhaps this is the current situation of

investment circle, a lot of investment only at the upper enterprises at the lower part of the body, but the upper body to the lower body more glamorous, bitter busy.

to tell you the truth, I no matter how the investment community feedback, never mind, a mind not proud, who was offended even if the pattern, venture capital, entrepreneurs have to continue to go forward.

Here the

would like to clarify one thing, Jingdong with ocean terminal contact and not only the investment Jingdong refused to talk about the acquisition, the reason is because I don’t want to stand in the early stand, if it is easy to lose business imagination.

was chosen to send this message I hope that my team can share the joy of success, I want my team to know what we are doing in this industry.

after the end of this financing, the financing window will be temporarily closed foreign terminal. The future of the terminal or to consider the listing, although I personally do not listed as the sole purpose of the enterprise, but investors still have certain requirements for us.

is currently listed on the foreign terminal target in 2018, which is based on the current situation of the industry to make judgments. We expect 2015 at a time when the platform will give small businesses out of industry, 2016 is between several business platform of the war, 2017.

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