Foreign media ndia electricity supplier Paytm financing $200 million Ali collar investment

[TechWeb] reported on February 3rd news, according to foreign media reports, informed sources said that the newly established India online retailer Paytm E-commerce will receive a $200 million financing round of financing led by Alibaba.


foreign media: India electricity supplier Paytm financing $200 million Alibaba led investment

informed sources said that this round of financing led by Alibaba Paytm valuation of $1 billion 100 million, so that Paytm became the latest India Unicorn venture company.

Alibaba is not a direct answer message about investment Paytm foreign media, but said in an emailed statement: "India is an important emerging market has great potential. We will work with local partners to develop long-term, sustainable business."

so far, Alibaba has not been directly involved in the competition in the e-commerce market in India, but chose to invest in start-up companies.

last April, Ali spent about $1 billion acquisition of Lazada’s controlling stake. Lazada platform to sell all kinds of goods from smart phones to baby products, with a population of about 600 million people in Southeast Asia market.

Alibaba had set a goal to increase the proportion of overseas revenue from the current 20% to 30% to 50%.

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