How to lead the team members on the nternet to build a higher level

has many webmaster especially roots webmaster, technical ability is very strong, so they fire, when the early start of the booming, website development is also good, but with the development of the website is more and more, the newborn blood enriched into the team, when the development of the Internet from the original one into a team fighting, but not before successfully found the cause of development, a lot of things are always not satisfactory. Some owners think or sum of people inside the team do you think is not the same, regardless of quality or efficiency that can not hit their own requirements, and if things to other members of the team to do better to complete their own webmaster. For a long time the formation of a strange phenomenon. Webmaster busy awfully, but team members do not know what to do, the website development naturally as can be imagined.

investigate the reasons, the owners may be from their own technical background, the management is not good at him, so the team management problems. So you will find the bottleneck in the development of the site. However, the website must grow, need more people to participate in, it certainly can not meet the development needs of the site, so for the webmaster, how to improve team combat capability, is must pay attention to the problem. In this paper, we will not be speaking from the theory of management is planning, organization, command, coordination, control. We will talk about how to lead the team in some simple ways.

first, let the team members to understand the overall development of the site

Sun Tzu cloud "in unison  wins", let the team members will target their goals and stationmaster, let us become a force force rather than force or even conflicting forces, which is the basis of all management. Members understand the direction of the development of the site, and recognized the direction of the development of the site, so they will be their future and the future of the site together, become the basis for the whole team’s insight.

two, personal performance and team performance linked to

anyone come out to work, you need to pay, can not to material gain, is the most basic requirements, pay and harvest to match. Only we think that can continue to gain from the continuous development of the site, is willing to pay for it. So, as a webmaster, it is very good for the team members to feel this is very important. Can not remember the website development of good and bad one, the team members pay a big pot, any will not promote the team member’s work passion

three, found that the characteristics of talent, the rational use of the team members of their respective expertise


people and many different personalities, life experience, education background, and so on, these are decided by each person will have different processing methods on the same thing, everyone will have their own characteristics, determines each one of them will have their own good, so, as a team leader the right people will become very important in a reasonable position. Find a person who doesn’t speak well

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