CNNC can’t let CN domain crash

2008 prices directly affect the future of.Cn domain name and the future of Chinese.Cn. Of course, if the 2008.Cn domain name renewals price is 1 yuan would take what agents at all levels to support themselves, the final price of rice farmers renewals at least 3-5 yuan. Suddenly think of at the beginning of this year, CNNIC 1 yuan before engaging in the online survey, the price of Chinese Internet users can accept the CN price, most choose 3-5 yuan. So, I imagine, 2008 CN domain name renewals price is 1 yuan, the agent for some more, the final price is likely to be 3-5 yuan, don’t blame me not.


CNNIC on the outside, there are tens of millions of.Cn domain name registrations will China the future, these certainly and.Cn Chinese, maybe a year, two years, but the meter is to renew every year, so the renewal price must also be the lowest price in history. 3-5 yuan renewals price is the most reasonable explanation. Besides, users generally low level of computer application Chinese, 1 yuan to buy, just learn to use second years, if 10 a few a few of the 20 fee, is not how most people will buy it. Also,.Cn domain name real big several, their number of meters are more than 10K, even if there is a renewal yuan, they decided second years as much as possible the few some renewals of no value or is not what flow meters. So, CNNIC is.Cn meters the biggest dealer, or that Chinese ZF is CN meters maximum makers, Chinese growers and ZF hope that.Cn can Chinese meters over the greater.

If the renewal

high, more than 5 yuan, or more than 8 yuan, a large number of farmers still, CN meters makers could not eat for 1 yuan. Because 2008 is no longer possible to buy 1 yuan. China ZF flicker once, it is impossible to flicker two times. Because I do not dare to believe that the Chinese ZF and then again for what reason and excuse.

if I was the head of the CNNIC, I think the best way is to register CN price back to normal, because CN meters 1 yuan after baptism, has made China users accepted the CN, then, is that we use CN meters to lower the price of 3-5 yuan, the price is the best in recent years choose. A few times, so that we can use the CN meters, CNNIC meters and 1 yuan to launch Chinese.Cn, so China ZF is what the abacus.

minon, part of the domain name investors nicknames for peer – domain investor.

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