B2B e-commerce calls for a new service model

Internet era already exceeds that of Moore’s law as defined in the category, which is not only reflected in the concept of the update, and more is the great changes caused by the new concept with the actual value of the concept and behavior mode. A few years ago we thought a good domain name may create great value to a website, but later we found that general users can rely on brain memory to domain name more than 10, usually around 7, which fits in Dr. Miller’s memory test. If so, the world’s most valuable domain will not exceed 50, that how we look forward to the value created by the domain name? And with the search engine technology, the value of the domain name will become increasingly weakened, because as long as people remember the name of the web site or description can easily enter the site through the engine. And these memory than the memory of some unrelated strings easier.

and bid farewell to the NASDAQ bubble Internet business heroes, again experiencing unlimited scenery, this is not only reflected in the corporate earnings gratifying change and the market value rose steadily, but also reflected in the profit pattern of each business on behalf of the increasingly clear and many enterprises to pay more attention on Internet marketing. Nevertheless, we can still see the hidden difficulties and risks that are not yet resolved, the future of the industry still need to solve one or another round of a new round of subversion.

e-commerce model of the dispute

in such an era full of fierce collision, B2B will go from here? This should be the focus of attention when many businesses. On the other hand, due to the lack of successful experience, resulting in the field of B2B there are many differences and disputes. In a survey by McKinsey, they divided the B2B into five types, and a couple of these models were discussed. These five types are:

1, the role of the project or specification manager, to assist the buyer and seller in the design and other high-value decisions on cooperation;

2, as a provider of integrated, providing standardized search function and price data to help customers make trade-offs between cost and quality;

3, as the circulation creator;

4, as a rally;

5, as the transaction facilitator;

fact, located between the latter three differences in the gradual defuzzification, according to McKinsey’s research shows that the interests of three is often to reduce waste, lower price and supplier, improve the efficiency of the transaction. As for the stability of large enterprises purchase, usually these companies have procurement system and evaluation of the relative stability of the framework, and for all these enterprises, they pursue is more of a long-term supply of quality requirements, it is impossible for any enterprise to long-term pressure low price for purchasing strategy. At the same time, for the latter three, their biggest confusion is how to overcome only for buyers and sellers

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