Expired prepaid card into the electricity supplier additional revenue

with the popularity of online shopping, electricity providers prepaid cards have become the most frequently used prepaid card products. Many consumers do not know is that these prepaid electricity supplier, mostly set up the use of the term". The expired prepaid card, if in accordance with the rules of business, for example in a certain period after the time limit expired, can apply for "deferred", if overdue at the same time, another electricity supplier provides application for extension period is completely invalid.

Why do you want to set the

electricity supplier is valid for prepaid card? Such legal provisions is reasonable? Holding expired prepaid card consumers, money can only go for naught? Damage to consumers, how to do

?When Mr. Wang

to clean up the room found a piece of dangdang.com (16.76, 0.53, 3.27%) 300 yuan prepaid card, do not remember how long, he just want to buy some books, then login dangdang.com card activation and binding. As a result, the card has expired.

see the use of prepaid card rules which wrote, "to be used within the validity period, expired will expire". Mr Wang is rather disappointed. Dangdang prepaid card valid for three years.

food need valid can be understood, prepaid card valid to what? "He said can not understand," buy a prepaid card money has been paid out, is not equivalent to put money to the card inside? But now there is no way to use, it is ridiculous."

will expire prepaid card

Dangdang prepaid card expired case is not a case. Reporters saw other electricity supplier sites are selling similar prepaid cards, the use of the term has different requirements.

, for example, different shop No. 1 prepaid card and valid dangdang.com, shop No. 1 refers to "" (for three years) refers to the amount of the card recharge into account time; after the prepaid card recharge into account, there is no valid, you can use any.

this rule is more user-friendly than dangdang". But if the user is likely to be negligent, the card lost elsewhere, resulting in missed period.

electricity supplier shopping card called "valid" really necessary?

in Baidu search keywords "prepaid card expired", will find that many users have had a similar experience, the electricity prepaid card expired frozen how do "and" expired prepaid cards can be extended into the network to solve doubts ".

this, Dangdang sales and marketing department reply is: Dangdang prepaid card expires three months, you can apply for an extension, valid for one month after the extension. Each prepaid prepaid prepaid card only provides a service, Dangdang prepaid card expires again will not operate. Moreover, if Dangdang prepaid card expired more than three months, can not apply for an extension, can only apply for the same amount of Dangdang gift certificates (limited to purchase proprietary products), the effective period is expected 1-2 months.

Dangdang sales department customer service staff said, valid for three years is the electronic commerce industry rules

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