Buy site subversion of the traditional model to enhance domestic demand to break the monopoly situat


The new darling

2010 consumer group purchase is not. According to the relevant report shows that the domestic buy site has reached more than 6 thousand. Buy site services, integrity of the business to create, will be the future goal of the group buying site.

The current

group purchase scene highlights, however, it is worth mentioning that the group purchase to open up a new way to stimulate domestic demand, especially those can stimulate consumer demand was not essential. A lot of demand is out of thin air, because some consumers can not help but temptation is awfully busy, confirms the group purchase website in stimulating domestic demand does not.

in group purchase chain almost no losers, consumers get cheaper products or services, business has attracted little passenger flow, realized the puerile and gained valuable user data, but also the development of many more repeat customers, to the satisfaction of all is a situation. Because of this, less than a year’s time, China was born out of thousands of large and small group purchase website, and was able to give birth to so many of the group purchase website in a short period of time, it just shows the market space is huge.

addition, due to the low cost of the site to buy the site, it is suitable for people with little capital to venture. In the group buying site on the starting line, whether large or small buy site is basically in the same platform, therefore, buy site also help break the monopoly of traditional online shopping.

Since the

group purchase website after heat toward the earth swept the country a good market performance, led the entire market activity. Some people believe that the rise of the group, is a new way of life to open, breaking the traditional mode of online shopping, providing consumers with a low price, high enjoyment of the ideal shopping platform.

it is understood that the majority of the domestic consumer groups to buy in the 80 percent of women, from the age of the Internet users to buy, 20-29 years of age accounted for 80 percent of the 49.52% groups, for 30-39. Internet users under 19 years of age, because there is no source of income, purchasing power is low, accounting for only 8.66%.

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