Domain registration techniques

domain name value assessment should pay attention to things

      recently I found that there are a lot of friends in this post, ask yourself how the value of the domain name. However, it is difficult for us to give a clear answer, so I hope you send this kind of posts should be self explanatory.

1, you have to use the domain name is to invest in the hope of selling, or intend to use their own.

      if you are going to use the domain name on your own, there is no need to waste our time for evaluation. Use their own domain name as long as the short record, the value of the domain name is to rely on your site to foil.

2, you have the domain name what is the meaning, why should register the domain name?

      now there are a lot of domain name domain name belongs to the creative class, so don’t expect others like or feel consistent with you. surface does not seem to have any meaning. But this is a very good creative domain name, can be interpreted as the glasses company; optical shops.

3, do you have a targeted or clear purchase crowd.

      who will buy your name? Why do they buy? And can you get in touch with them? If you have a good domain name, you know what kind of user should be sold, but you do not know how to get in touch with them, then your domain value is equal to zero.

      4, you assess the value of the domain name

      let people evaluate, first of all you have to judge. Unable to recognize the value of their own domain name, then let us assess is just a waste of our time.

5, you ready for this domain renewal 2-3 years of preparation?

      don’t expect a good domain name to buy a good price in the first year. For example, I have a domain name in the first year of the other side bid 1000 yuan, the year is $3000, the last third years, we traded $8000. So you have to be mentally prepared.

      if the above questions, you can not answer. So you can only think that there are a lot of thoughtful place. Don’t try to find us.

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