Online shopping bad bed to the bad business crazy hair eight thousand harassing text messages

for those unscrupulous merchants, online shopping platform should be timely shot punish, industry and commerce, law enforcement departments should strictly enforce the law, consumers should dare to claim their rights and jointly promote the online shopping atmosphere evaluation objectively


, who lives in Shaanxi, Xi’an Ding teacher spent 1400 yuan on the net to buy a bed, bought a light assembly took a day to spend time on the. In addition to bed legs loose, as well as the wood material is too poor, under Mr. Ding a gave Taobao the seller a bad review, can not think of the poor can bring him tired. Ding said: after the end of the poor, less than half an hour, SMS harassment began, kept sending me messages, sent 8294 text messages." (

December 15th)

consumers are not satisfied with the product, there is no reason to give a bad comment, which is the right to express their views on consumer rights. However, today’s online shopping has become a very bad thing to assess the risk of things, you may encounter businesses frequently call you dead and other means of retaliation. Do consumers have no right to comment on the online shopping, who is to give these businesses refused to comment on the courage? I think the following three factors can not be ignored.

first, the online shopping platform for the management of poor business constraints, harassment and other malicious acts of connivance and omission of consumers. In the event, the business of consumer Ding wantonly harassment, online shopping platform after receiving complaints should be promptly investigated and dealt with someone’s business, until the shop closed. However, when the online shopping platform received a number of complaints Ding, still failed to effectively prevent the harassment of businesses, its treatment and disposal is not timely and effective enough to expose the problem of the existence of platform management and supervision. In fact, online shopping platform has the obligation to ensure product quality and safety and protect the interests of consumers, all have the responsibility and ability of constraint management, businesses can be said that the online shopping platform in the treatment of softhearted unscrupulous merchants "".

second, the law enforcement departments failed to hit, contributed to the arrogance of unscrupulous businessmen. Public Security Administration Punishment Law forty-second provides that the number of other information sent to interfere with the normal life of others constitute illegal. Merchant SMS harassment of consumers, should be punished according to law by administrative penalties. In May 1st this year since the implementation of the "Hangzhou city network transaction management Interim Measures" also provides harassment or threats to consumers, forced against her will, to modify the commodity or service evaluation, shall be ordered to make corrections, and impose 2000 yuan fine of 20 thousand yuan. However, in the face of such a situation, consumers often report after the report or the answer is: not in the jurisdiction or the circumstances are not handled. To some extent, the enforcement of law enforcement lax connivance of the aggressive behavior of aggressive businesses.

third, part of the consumer to make untrue long-term evaluation, spoiled businesses "not bad" mentality. Some consumers or due to fear of trouble, or by the interests of the temptation to give up the opportunity to safeguard their own interests, will send praise in the network. If things go on like this business to poor rating, while more rejection. Thus, damage to the face of their own rights and interests of consumers in online shopping, should not fear.

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