New ideas on the construction and development of the rental website

with the development of e-commerce and online transactions better and better, more and more enterprises begin to build the site organize staff to carry out online business. The company also undertake website construction more and more, but because of the construction site is a one-time transaction, when the site is difficult to delivery after the deep level mining customer demand, shoe sky that can try to transition to the construction site rental website.

we analyze

from two aspects of enterprise and website construction company

: because the relationship between the enterprise search engine ranking, website built after if you want an ideal ranking or do price bidding, or invite people to do optimization. In a word search volume in 1000 to count, if you do have price a month to spend tens of thousands of people; please do rankings optimization may, after a period of optimization can get a better ranking, but carefully down costs have to spend thousands of dollars a month, if not ranked it will cause the optimization time, material resources, financial resources multiple losses. Because the optimization is a long-term process and in the short term is difficult to significantly improve, it will result in a higher cost burden. Make a case that if you can rent a facade like in the wholesale market, at a reasonable price to rent a suitable online store, you can get the maximum return at the lowest cost.

site construction company: including site space and related facilities, including 5000 yuan a station calculation. We do a case assumption, if the site construction company has an industry mall matching domain name and the site has a good ranking. In the case of enterprise and website construction company to reach an agreement, then the mall lease can be achieved. Website construction company to the mall site for the rental business, companies pay the corresponding cost to the site construction company. The same day with a 1000 word search cable to count, customers do have price to spend tens of thousands a month, if the site construction company to 2000 yuan / month way for the enterprise to provide the mall site rental service, you can achieve a win-win situation, once the rent in the first month, so the customer is very likely to rent for a long time go, this is equal to some people to spend money to help you keep standing, if the time is ripe, will be perfectly possible to store version of hao123. This website construction company, the return will be far more than 5000 yuan.

mall site lease is equal to the construction site and combined with the optimization of the rankings, the site construction company with domain advantage, search optimization advantages, network advantages, through the right industry and products and product positioning, it can be further excavated the value of website construction. When customers get paid by renting a website, it is not far away from the customer to buy the site.

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