Do network marketing training liar

engage in online marketing training liar more recently, there are a lot of articles on the Internet to engage in marketing training, there are many swindlers, which pointed out that especially Wang XX. After I read their rebuttal, I have the following ideas. In fact, these ideas I have always wanted to write, but I have been back to today. I think my opinion is very neutral, absolutely no favoritism. If you think there’s no reason, you can leave a message.

1, I spent thousands of dollars to learn, what effect is not, it is a big liar.

we all know: everyone’s family, background, constellation, blood type, personality, habits, education, perception is not the same, the same knowledge of different people use the results will not be the same. On the basis of poor students, you give him a good training, he also sounds like listening to mumbo-jumbo, many of the concepts are hazy. A picture of a single page are done very rough, the blog is also set up with a free platform, network marketing can not be carried out, even if there is a large amount of accurate traffic will be wasted more than half.

first into the fish pond, a look no appetite, naturally no fish willing to bite. It can be outsourced, giant leveraging? Yes, yes. Reinstall the system design of a large dozens, dozens, hundreds of a single page, a blog hundred, a hundred SEO mall, optimization of hundreds of thousands, and may not only reinstall a system design, a map, a single page? These problems may be repeated at each time all outsourcing? Even experts are willing to help you free, you mean always trouble expert? Money is all visible outsourcing has little work.

a QQ, reinstall the system, a simple modification of a single page are novice, to listen to a few marketing class "subversion" mind, expect interaction with fellow students could learn a lot of basic courses, a little too optimistic. It is not easy to learn almost the same thing, do the site’s theme is huge, there is no differentiation, there is no profitable products, there is no profit model which can make money?

here should learn to purple rain teacher, he will not be a technical problem, you can attract technical experts to help him. But there are a few novice can achieve such a state?

individual novice personality did not develop perfect: will only think of desperately demanding, but never think should be rewarded, it can also make money?

so, the novice can’t earn money will blame the teacher teaching is not good, but do not reflect on their own, this is not surprising.

2, the network I earn more money than you several times did not open training courses, training what do you


some even if they do not participate in the actual combat training, because the accumulated experience of deep, or because they are rich two generation, a large number of operational capital, earn a lot of money on the internet. He can not see that the teachers — by shouting: my network earn more money than you several times did not open training courses, training what do you


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