Step by step to teach novice to do SP

I do SP for a long time, although that is not a bird, but a little contact total experience, welcome Paizhuan! Would like to write what, because writing is not good, never to pick up the pen. Today just write to new, new hope to learn. Is dead, people are living, to use, to sum up the

share!The first step of

: first of all we have to buy space and domain names. In order to unnecessary trouble, if foreign space space domain, all false information, or with a foreign domain. The space to be stable and fast, does not limit the number of concurrent IIS, because the number of time to release traffic online very much, this is very important to start when the old because their own space is not stable, one can access all of a sudden it, wasting a lot of points. Speed also affects the visitors, if slow people suddenly closed. Find another


second step: advertising page, we have two methods of 1, their own design. 2, online download, you can go to the traffic union to find some of the pages you feel better download down, make some changes.

third step: application terminal. We can do SP, 51vk, 15ai and other.

fourth step: put the code we apply to the ad page.

the fifth step: to buy traffic, we want to find a good flow of the alliance, I used, which is an alliance established soon, very soon. Of course there are many traffic alliances such as 779, 7C, stock etc..

sixth step: in order to maximize the flow, we have to do the swap chain, there are some commonly used terminal put up. For example: Tingting chat room, shanghaicaida Fang Fang, Taiwan 18 adult cinema, midnight, pornographic and so on. But it should be noted that conventional terminal terminal home exchange chain do not put advertising, that will divert registrations. We put the other terminals on the rebound. Rational use of flow in order to create maximum benefit.

seventh step: test, test data at 10 o’clock in the evening, first put the price of 500 points to see how much submission, there is no registration, can continue to put on the profit points. Then adjust the control of 1.4 points, the price is not a lot of things, the normal flow of change on the release of 1. 4 bidding points. No one to monitor put 1. 2~1. 3 bidding, the release time of 12 points late to the morning of 6 points. Second days ~11 points at 10 points to bid, put off the flow of. Swap chain advertising is also very important, if you can not write, you put 1.5 points of the auction is also very little. If you can think of as a man, you can point to what kind of advertising.

eighth step: after the test is successful, is to do every day to buy traffic, money.

wish you do SP successful.

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