Retail market competition calls for the advent of the nternet Era

business competition results in accurate marketing, reduce costs

wait for nearly one hundred or two hundred years the world commercial change rule, only simple is the most fundamental one — a new form of lower cost to provide more cost-effective products, pursued to obtain consumer currency vote, from the grocery stalls – department store and supermarket and hypermarket Shopping Center – free online shopping mall not a time to reduce consumers in the unit goods on time and monetary expenditure, so that the higher cost of goods to consumers, so that consumers more time value, the purchasing power of money more.

as the latest format — online mall network firms and how to reduce costs? Obviously their cost structures are different from the traditional retail business, rent and expenses is not considered, but because of the information explosion, the network companies to obtain consumer concern "eyeball" cost is not low, only those who can reduce the "eyeball" cost of the company can be in the form of a new market competition in talent shows itself.

so, how to reduce the network enterprise own "eyeball" cost? That is the effective eye every network enterprise how to attract customers through various means and finally generate a valid order? This is the precise marketing problems need to be solved, is through the data mining technology, to help these companies accurately find their own network the target customers, targeted to discharge ogle, it ultimately reduce the single user, single order resources, made from the producer to the consumer total transaction cost lowest, who can achieve this, who will be able to maintain a competitive advantage.

Internet era of subversion

as of July 2008, Chinese Internet users has grown to 253 million, becoming the world’s largest Internet market, according to Analysys International forecasts just released by the end of 2008 will reach 3 hundred million in 2007 to 2008 years is the enterprise oriented Internet platform transaction amount of each quarter to nearly 600 billion, for the consumer oriented online retail part. In 2008 the overall transaction amount will be more than 110 billion, but in recent years is 100% per year in the proportion of rapid growth.

according to the 2008 total retail sales of consumer goods is about 10-10.5 trillion calculation, online transactions accounting has reached about 1%, while the United States this year is expected to reach $146 billion, the proportion of 2007 has exceeded 3.72%, while South Korea is as high as 8.65%. Taobao’s 2007 sales have been higher than Carrefour, Wumart, Huarun million, a large business group, with sales of 43 billion 300 million yuan after the Bailian group.

from the home appliance retail industry, specializing in home appliance retail mall network Jingdong is expected to achieve 12-14 billion in sales this year, from 2004 sales of 10 million yuan, sales in 2005 30 million, 2006 80 million.

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