’s main cross-border electricity supplier is not prepared for the same double 11

"double 11" approach, as a special sale of electricity providers, to create a "different" global shopping spree. This "double 11", with the rise of cross-border online shopping hot, will be the main overseas featured five pavilion online at the same time, overseas buyers for the 100 million member selects the global explosion of the tip of goods.

five national pavilion duty-free

this year, registered members has exceeded 100 million, continue to maintain a leading edge in clothing, beauty, mother continued to force at the same time, the category also gradually expanded to home and tourism, and featured overseas this year as the strategic focus of development, this year will "double 11" as the main stage.

as the country’s largest female vertical electricity supplier, accounted for 80% of female consumers. In this group the pursuit of brand quality, and most household consumption decision-making rights group, this year "double 11" flagship featured overseas, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Europe, Southeast Asia’s five largest national museum online at the same time, duty-free shipping, clothing shoes, bags, beauty, mother, home, health, light other big luxury boutique Goods are available in all varieties.

it is understood that, from November 10th to November 12th at 8 in the evening at 9:59 in the morning, more than 900 big names in the 0.5 Zheqi sale.

at the same time, the 11 high-end brand on-line sale, including KENZO Marc, By Marc Jacobs, Ma Tiannu, Adan, and other well-known brand clothing shoes and bags. In addition, will be on-line sale of 10 big counters with the money, including La Lewis and SOFTLOVE watch special high-end baby clothing special etc..

overseas selection bonded warehouse stocking

to protect the upcoming logistics peak, invested more than 13000 logistics and warehousing personnel, as well as the distribution of 20000 personnel to participate in the logistics and distribution of the double during the 11.

only parts of the flag Chun logistics company to suspend receiving orders to delivery for package. In order to speed up the logistics, air freight and Air China, Shenzhen Airlines, China Eastern Airlines signed a comprehensive strategic framework agreement, and air routes docking Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai city hot, solve the outbound transportation demand.

mother and baby, beauty and other key categories have been stocking in the bonded warehouse in advance, in order to ensure the rapid delivery of goods in the hands of consumers. In addition to Japan, South Korea, Australia, Europe and the United States commodity, Southeast Asian countries boutique by global fashion buyers team the first time recommended for domestic consumers.

innovation sale experience

for sale mode, innovation sale experience. "Double 11" on the eve of to continue to introduce domestic and foreign big super brand, a premium discount sale 24 hours, "panic buying fun"; combined with well-known fashion group GRI, I.T group of Hongkong first ", with a new counter 50 percent off online stores opened to grab, sent straight" >

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