All free will be the only way to open an independent shop platform

some time ago and a do e-commerce chat with friends, not natural said the website how to profit, his view is to continue to set threshold for users, allowing users to continue to pay, but my point is he and I advocate all draw further apart, service functions all open, so that the user can freely the entry, and if you do not involve too much manpower situation, as the whole free, so we tuomohengfei for a long time, finally he raised the white flag and the end.

is actually free persisted through the years to continue to explore their own summing up experience, first shop platform "my shop" when operating under shopex, their own ideas and above friends, I’ll let you free to come in, then I’ll set a bait, so you have to pay (I think you really silly), really the beginning of many shopkeepers rushed in, and the official website forum is a racket, but not every day is Sunday, about a year later, a volume slowly fell sharply, the forum also deserted lot, many shop owner name even even shop did not have hurried away, and never came back later, he and a few colleagues analyzed, all the data this year’s summary compilation, a final analysis. To conclude, many shopkeepers just have a good start, or just to say "I was interested in the shop before the threshold to my pride in the door, when I suddenly realized that this year I just want a variety of methods in wishful thinking taking the user’s purse, but ignored the most important user experience, so after this lesson, I began to think" I shop "as a warning for the future of how the future of the planning.

at first I just put in front of a few bank to cancel the membership, slowly up, but the viscosity is not enough, then the product after a few modifications, finally put all the permissions open, for example they bind the domain name for money, I do not want money, they set me free template three hundred, people, space 100MB, my infinite there is no space, through Taobao, I have free and open to members, in fact, I was to choose the full free service has received remarkable results, "now my new shop shop every day in two thousand the left and right, and 80% of users are in good operating their own independent shop, and the consistent recognition and praise of the majority owner.

some time ago, the national implementation of the real name authentication, so two months can not record, a shopkeeper grumble in the forum, was actually hit, everyone said "I shop" to provide free services, what do you want, now can not record nor can they manage, this is the country the policy, now you go to the shop on both platforms for you not.

now he is very relaxed, because of their own through humanity a series of reforms, basically do not own any promotion, many members have volunteered to recommend their friends to my shop open independent shop, this is their most proud thing. Even the owner >

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