The star had cross-border electricity supplier Tmall sells wine together

Liu Xiaoying

[the flagship wine star is divided into two kinds, one is like Zhao Wei and Yao Ming, to spend money to buy overseas wine, then they began to build a team doing marketing. The other is such as Carina Lau, Huang Xiaoming to take agents, distribution model]

is near the double 11, almost all brands have entered the "extremely excited state". In addition to those foreign famous Chateau Mouton cadet, Tula Gansu, Mondavi, Baxter, TWE beleden rich city, now people for having heard it many times celebrities and pop stars have also joined the ranks of selling wine.

in 2014 11 before the FIFA World Player of the year Beckham visited Tmall, and launched a personal brand of wine. In 2015, the star God cat opened red hotel seems to have become a trend from the individual phenomenon.

"swallow" and "giant"

October 19th, Zhao Wei’s dream of Gansu winery Tmall flagship store officially launched, unveiled its true face of Mount Lu".

previously, although people in a variety of television programs have seen this bottle of wine, but the external public sale or time. "I always drink wine, but it’s always free to my friends." Zhao Wei said in an interview in October 19th, the reason has not come to the Chinese market, but also hope that it can have a better quality and better face to meet with you."

as early as five years ago, Zhao Weihao bought the winery in France, throwing gold speculation raise a Babel of criticism of the news.

it is understood that this is the acquisition of the Zhao Wei dream long Winery (ChateauMonlot) backing is not small, the winery belongs to Bordeaux area, located in the south of France, the ancient beauty of St. Lennon at the foot of the mountain, covers an area of seven hectares, has been 400 years of history. The beauty of St. Lennon is the world’s cultural heritage, is regarded as the oldest brewing Wine Bordeaux area, Bordeaux area here contains 6% vineyards, the distribution of the more than 5 thousand wineries.

is at the heart of the dream long Chateau Saint Amy Lennon, belongs to the special garden area. Dream of Gansu, French Monlot, meaning "my treasure". This was because Louis has thirteen wineries and more royal extravagance. Also, it is the world’s most expensive vineyard per hectare. It is reported that Huang Youlong spent 4 million euros for his wife to buy the winery when the cost of $. Husband and wife two retain the original wine brewing team, such as winemaker, assistant winemaker, operator and accounting, but the winery has been greatly improved.


bought the dream long winery, Zhao Wei has kept a low profile until 2014, Nicholas Tse filmed the delicacy variety show 12 Feng taste "and" long before the public viewing dream winery, therefore to spy on this Louis had thirteen wineries.

it is understood that the current sale of wine in Zhao Wei price difference between the two. Probably is 700 yuan to 2000 yuan. "Of course we do."

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