Shop should pay attention to the four aspects of money

I think the shop to make money mainly do the following four aspects:

a, product display

1, the quality of the photo, which involves the camera skills and PS technology. Technically, I feel like that.

The key of

is the difference of aesthetic taste and creativity. See more, shoot more, think more, ask more, summarize.

2, focus on user experience. In reality, every fashion show to the model, why the model can better display the product, people feel is to wear on their own, causing resonance, stimulate the desire to buy. If you’re doing a dress, suggest a beautiful model. In short, from the perspective of the user experience to display products.

two, the credibility of the shop

general buyers in the selection of goods, will use the ranking function, or price ranking, or reputation ranking. A new store, the first customer is the most difficult to do, why? Who doesn’t want to do a white mouse ah. So open new friends, brush reputation appropriate still can! To long-term development, still rely on more hard quality.

three, product price

consumer psychology "the same product than the price". This phenomenon is more prominent in the book industry, because the book is a kind of clothing can also take a different route. This time we supposed to do? The price war and others? I cite a real-life example: general mobile phone stores are hung NOKIA brand, but the store’s sales department a few mobile phone is NOKIA, because the product is transparent, the profit is too low, the real profits are non brand name, but why to hang NOKIA mobile phone? The reason is difficult to distribution. It is much easier to use NOKIA. You should see it? We can choose the flat or small losses to distribution, several best-selling books attract tourists, the first impression of the client is cheap, so easily lead to other consumer, general customers can not only buy a


four, marketing

I think the most critical aspect of marketing is: product information effectively delivered to potential target consumers. In reality, it’s a flyer, an ad. That’s okay in the network. But a lot of people are tired of advertising, it is difficult to translate into consumption. That we can guide, is the potential customers to guide our advertising page. For example, blog marketing, in the flow of large blog message (in order to let more people see), such as clothing, you can leave a message:

"winter, dressed like dumplings as a bloated? How to dress more sexy, more beautiful, more beautiful pictures in here, in my blog! Collocation tailored for you, teach you to wear a taste, out of self-confidence!"

Zha a look, not like advertising, in fact, is the potential consumers (interested only point) to guide the advertising blog, and then on the blog to teach methods, and with product information.

Oh, these are some of the personal experience

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