Only because the domain name contains 114 was hijacked by Telecommunications


    November 20th news: Chengdu diffuse point culture media company Zhang reached the Sichuan news hotline, said the company encountered a strange thing, "Telecom broadband users in Chengdu suddenly unable to open our website, but all users outside of Chengdu Netcom broadband users and the Great Wall and Chengdu still you can browse the web."

companies suspected, may be their own domain name and number 028114 of Chengdu Telecom know-all crash and was blocked the telecommunications sector.

The emergence of abnormal


Sichuan news network reporter learned the news after trying to use the Chengdu Telecom broadband network open web browser cannot display the feedback page, while Unicom wireless network for reporters, namely normal display page. Mr. Zhang said that this site is called diffuse point search in Chengdu, has been running for three months, provided the Chengdu area and bus idle away in seeking pleasure of life information search and booking service for the users, Chengdu Telecom number know-all similar function.

site in November 18th for the domain name trustee transformation, the evening of Chengdu Telecom broadband users can not access the situation. We speculate that this may be due to the normal transformation of the Chengdu Telecom telecommunications attention to the existence of the site, followed by the ban." Zhang said the company was suspected to be a temporary network failure, but the temporary network failure is generally about two hours will be able to recover, this anomaly has been more than twenty-four hours, there must be another reason."

Telecom dodge responsibility

reporter learned that the company responsible for Miss Chen diffuse point to web server hosting and domain hosting room consultation mechanism, the two parties have replied that Chengdu Telecom is the domain name system, she will call the China Telecom service call reflect the situation, many organizations then repeatedly call Chengdu Telecom, among the various departments are not Hedged know who to call, "I asked the Chengdu Telecom all telephone consultation, all departments did not give me a clear answer!" Miss Chen turned to a lawyer for help, said since I couldn’t find the directly responsible person, will be the Chengdu Telecom to court the defendant.

, our company is registered in the international domain name, the legitimate performance of all procedures, Chengdu Telecom has no reason to use the right to block our domain name, apparently infringement." Mr. Zhang said the company in a number of active efforts to communicate with Chengdu Telecom in case of failure and can only choose to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

Sichuan news network reporter was informed that the company is currently being commissioned to do the relevant preparatory work, hoping to sue on the grounds of infringement Chengdu telecom.

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