The first group purchase B2B HC officially launched the fight affordable

recently, the "fight affordable brand boutique group purchase platform officially launched. The platform on the line, but also marks the e-commerce buy, promotional activities from the C (personal) end to B (enterprise) end. Since the platform on the line so far, the cumulative sales exceeded 500 thousand, B end group to take shape. fight affordable home page

Based on the

B terminal procurement cycle is long, the market characteristics of FMCG products, "fight affordable quarterly activity for a period of 21 calendar days, including consumer goods, food security, and hardware such as the four major industries, 11 categories of nearly a hundred commodities. Famous brand BOSCH, Yun Jie, Granville Zhuoda have settled. During the event, selected the lowest prices as low as 96% off, and provide quality assurance, online payment, shipping and customer service station maintenance service. From its own Hui Bao payment transaction protection service system effectively protect the interests of consumers to buy, in case of customer service disputes, consumers have the right to obtain 10% of the purchase price of goods for compensation expenses.

Wang Zhi trading division director and said, "the on-line fight affordable, is the Internet group purchase business enter the symbol B end. As the HC B2B e-commerce platform B end of this year will be well-known, online trading as the enterprise strategic planning, key support. The fight affordable as an important online trading scene of HC, looking forward to the end of the market enough to build B group purchase new pattern.

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