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in March 20th this year, intime Department Store Group announced that it will officially changed its name to intime business group". Intime side said that after the completion of the name will be divided into department stores, shopping centers, e-commerce three major business, where the main business will tilt to commercial real estate.

at that time, intime chairman Shen Guojun has clearly said: "we signed a new future to open a total of 20 stores, mostly in the main shopping center, the scale is relatively large, probably the business area will be 1 million 500 thousand square meters (plus), the original about 1300000 square meters, the next 3 years we Yintai business group business area is estimated to reach nearly 3 million square meters." And he didn’t mention it".

he still believes that the value of the retail line, but do not think the department store in the form of.


report recently pointed out that the "First Financial Daily": intime department store wait for the right price to sell assets.

The following excerpt:

A brief history of


2004, intime department store into a period of rapid expansion of foreign. During the period from 2004 to 2008, even fund intime United China, the Wuhan Department A, Baida group, ZTE launched a large-scale acquisition of business. Through a series of capital operation, and had only 3 stores intime, quickly opened more than and 20 department stores in Hubei, Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai and Zhejiang Province, just a few years to become China retail industry "aircraft carrier" of. 2007, intime department store listed on the Hongkong stock exchange, known as the first department store in the mainland".

team turbulence

and intime department store business strategy is closely aligned with the adjustment, the company experienced a wave of personnel upheaval. In April, there was news, intime Vice President Ma Qihua apply for leave for 6 months, the original function has thus changed, although Ma Qihua continued to serve as chief operating officer, vice president, but no longer serves as the North Zhejiang area general manager, no department in charge of business department, operation Department and marketing Department work.

in fact, during the period from 2009 to 2012, after intime before President Zhou Minghai suddenly left, with the fighting in the front of the department store industry "seven core team" in the three years after leaving, including Yu Guanghua, Ma Linxia, Wang Chun and other former Thai Department in charge of silver regional business executives. A company insiders told reporters, "Qihua Ma long vacation" may mean intime last veteran business entities executives have to leave.


the major shareholder, incumbent president Daniel Chan intime following at the beginning of this year frequent holdings, in May 8th this year, 9 days, two times again in the field of selling intime shares, the cumulative reduction of a total of 463 thousand shares, cash of nearly $4 million 200 thousand, shareholding proportion dropped to 0.79%.

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