Look at the O2O from Meikailong business dilemma


these days, an article "Meikailong 2 days: 2 billion Meikailong O2O Dojo" on micro-blog more fire, many marketing and V have large forward, then some negative articles also appeared on the network, can be said to be diverse and confused, but there is one fact is undeniable that is, Meikailong online mall sales downturn, the furniture industry e-commerce market swallow the line more and more serious, which forced the red star business ministry act as soon as possible.

marketing content in general, why two days 2 billion?

was the first to see this article marketing Meikailong, a marketing common sense to know that their plan is a most common network program publicity, through some interesting video propaganda Meikailong brand, want to let ordinary users quickly spread, triggering events.

but from the quality of the video marketing point of view, what is not worthy of such a few years ago, the video on the Internet is very much, I also planned this video, if there is no push, no natural communication volume is basically what.

this article can be seen from the Red Star electricity supplier is now the main breakthrough aimed at the current most fire O2O mode, in simple terms is the combination of online and offline. The Redstar called O2O is the online advertising, to attract users to buy the next line, and the two day 2 billion of sales is Meikailong a promotion only, with a red star brand and offline propaganda, the sales figures is not optimistic.

traditional O2O mode, where is the dilemma?

The traditional

O2O model is the online booking, gather customer line form the consumer experience, the most typical is the use of group purchase mode, group purchase price advantage to attract users booking, and then go down the line of consumption, there is related to the traffic problems, the most tangled problems for each of which is business enterprise, now the cost of traffic and over two hundred million star investment now basically not what effect.

is the group purchase goal, in order to obtain the maximum flow, will be the greatest efforts to promote the brand, promote the brand to burn, burn and no profit clear direction, this is slowly down, the current O2O mode of play has become more and more diversified, the industry will have a relatively good O2O site specific operation methods for their different, but the basic idea is like this.

how traditional industries electricity supplier extraordinaire O2O


like Meikailong the large traditional enterprises, is the biggest advantage of brand, how to implement the network giant brand online, online and offline into a whole, is that they do. At present, the star of the online mall called star Yi home, in the absence of any traffic advantage is a B2C platform to start, you know, Jingdong from 03 years to do electricity supplier, accumulated nearly 10 years, >

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