Micro go Three million female micro business, the actual experience sharing

is what makes the ordinary girl’s life is to turn the world upside down change? What low income wage earners 4 months turning into a monthly income of millions and the cost is only a nouveau riche? Part of the mobile phone. Yes, is the micro business! Read here, perhaps you will feel incredible, but the fact is, for the micro business this is not a miracle, it is only ten million micro business forces in the three million micro business real growth. If you have a mobile phone, if you desire to get rid of status now every month to work only to earn thousands of dollars to the poor, so learn from them! They copy the successful model, amplification, effort, you might do better! Don’t get excited, listen to how they started from zero. Do a monthly income of millions, then the content will be more shocking your nerves!


the afternoon of November 15, 2014, by Henan’s most influential micro business team team static host, Dahe Daily, Zhengzhou evening news, the Beijing times’ magic by the first derivative of the elite national conference in Henan grand opening of Zhengzhou Jianye Le Meridien Munich Hotel! Henan, Jiangxi, from Beijing, Sichuan, Inner Mongolia, Shenzhen, Yinchuan and other parts of the country hundreds of micro business elite gathered to discuss the micro business plan, explore the micro go? Three "million team" representatives from the la-col team made a micro static business experience to share. Three do not have micro beauty for more than a year, the shortest is just only four months, but by virtue of their own strength and effort made extraordinary achievements, realize the dream of many people the "overnight" rich ideal, thunderous applause from the scene, their story deeply shook everyone a derivative of



Jiangxi dream to do micro business 11 months deposit reached 7 digits!

if you use two words to sum up the success of the 90 girls, that is "hold on! Dream did not read the University, she said: This is the biggest regret in my life! But, in order to let oneself and family to live a happy life, in order to make themselves want to buy their own love beautiful clothes, bags no longer worry pocket money is enough? In order to prove himself than those who read the University, she decided, must realize their dreams through their own efforts! In December 2013, a dream with a mobile phone to start her own way, she just had time derivative. There are a lot of people laughed at her, even to her shield to pull the black, but she didn’t give up! Keep on and keep on, so in the question and negation she spelled out, creating a pot of gold of life for yourself. Dream summary: micro business, I adhere to is not enough, made a circle of friends is a skill, do not blindly pull fans, every scraper advertising, if so you will soon be ignored or directly pull the black, micro marketing to grasp the sharing of content, a fun piece, a wonderful the title, a good article…… Will cause crazy forwarding, your target customers will be like a flood initiative to come to you. Find item >

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