Civilink push Taobao store system users can be included in Google Baidu store

December 18th, the third session of the Alibaba today China million net net goods trade fair released Taobao store system in Amoy Amoy outside". Taobao relevant responsible person said, there are already more than 2000 sellers ordered Amoy Amoy outside, and the seller’s Taobao store also has the opportunity to be Baidu, Google included.

according to the relevant person in charge of Taobao, "Amoy in Amoy" is the store system development based on, the use of the system in sellers Taobao shops in sales at the same time, can operate outside Taobao mall own independent site, the seller’s Taobao stores also have the opportunity to be included in Google, Baidu. There are already more than 2000 sellers ordered Amoy Amoy outside Taobao store system.

and the seller to build their own online store is different, Amoy Amoy outside the store system is a new B2C service provided to the shop seller Taobao. To achieve a seamless Taobao shop and Taobao store merchandise data, the seller in the Taobao store baby data automatically updated to Amoy outside the amoy". Both Alipay, according to the transaction process of trading.

Taobao outside the store system integrates hundreds of online Mall features, which are also sought after by the seller in Taobao mall service. For example, baby recommendation and display system, station search ranking system, online payment and customer service system, the article release and traffic statistics system. Support more than Taobao shop window display, slide and magnifying glass and other commodity display.

it is understood that after the seller chose Taobao store service, there will be Amoy Amoy outside the designer to help the seller to complete the shop outside the decoration design. Just a few days to complete the deployment, so that the seller’s Taobao store opened immediately.

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