Amazon has been very influential, Dangdang marginalized, with electronic books why so different

[IT] times sharp comment recently in the Amazon online shopping a few books, remembered before college, will also go to buy books Dangdang, Amazon will choose consciousness but now, Dangdang account and password I forgot.


Dangdang more and more far away from me, doesn’t happen is tortuous, naturally, began to buy books on Dangdang above, then use the Amazon, Amazon’s web design that people feel very comfortable, but every time you buy a book has related book recommendations, will be based on my past experience book recommended similar books, so I will imperceptibly abandoned Dangdang, Amazon chose.


Dangdang and Amazon to start with the book business, Dangdang listed at the beginning of the head of the China Amazon title, but for now, the development of both is very different. Only in the market concerned, Amazon has developed into the $about 300000000000 global technology giants, while Dangdang market all the way down, the market value of only $more than 500 million, even by the media as a general reference value, such as in the United States listed Alibaba equivalent to more than and 350 Jingdong equivalent to 75 Dangdang, Dangdang, is equivalent to 16 Dangdang even the market, also seriously underestimated the equivalent of 2.5 Dangdang, Dangdang as a comparison, the psychological shadow area of how much ah.

Amazon UAV

Amazon logistics center

Although Amazon

continued losses for more than 20 years, but the people of the valuation has been but Cengceng rub to rise, from this point of view, Amazon is really a magic company. The news about it from time to time out of view, you will find that this is indeed a very good company, what UAV, cloud computing, robotics, and even send it recoverable rocket is dry, the Amazon with the general electric company is completely different, it is a strong sense of science and technology, and these fresh the technology applied in the future are of imagination, it has a fatal attraction to investors, and focus on the future has been Amazon’s idea. Amazon also attaches great importance to technology has received huge returns, such as invest huge sums of money in the early cloud computing technology, now has become the mainstay of profit. In 2015 third quarter operating profit from the Amazon AWS for $521 million, in the north part of the electricity supplier business operating profit of $528 million matched, while Amazon international business is a loss of $56 million, operating profit of this but it AWS a business more than the entire electricity supplier.

but don’t think that Amazon is attention to the technology of the enterprise, it is very clear that the customer is the source of the value of it, it is the foundation of the user centered. Amazon in the development of technology is also based on customer needs, their technical R & D >

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