Cross border electricity supplier strategy to expand the opportunity to build Ali B2B import distrib

yesterday (May 6th), Alibaba Group officially announced in Hangzhou, its website will be formally launched on the 18 global sourcing platform, an important part of the group’s cross-border import strategy.

it is understood that Spain became the first country to enter the global sourcing platform, Portugal, Italy, South Korea and other countries will also be settled.

Alibaba senior vice president Wu Minzhi said, to make 1688 imported the world’s largest distribution platform, and the use of logistics support and data flow service, do import commodities traceability fidelity.

1688 division senior director Liu Fei introduction, a lot of foreign quality manufacturers, quality goods, because of the size of the enterprise, channel problems and other reasons can not enter the Chinese market. "For example, we all know the French wine Chateau, but how many people know Spanish wine" by 1853 "? As the Spanish national wine, before 1999 it most directly by the royal family and the government in advance, as the country ritual VIP gift. These brands, either for a long time did not enter China, or is to enter China, did not find a good channel and sales. Just think, even if a country’s most famous products are not into, then other high-quality products, how can enter the Chinese market? "

it is understood that there are a lot of Tmall and Taobao sellers is through the 1688 platform in order to shop retail model, 1688 can provide the bulk pathway, also provide a quick and easy trade services for overseas supply in china. Compared to the traditional mode of imports, if the purchase of goods from 1688 global sourcing platform, the cost can be reduced by 20 – 40%, the time can be saved for 15 – 60 days.

Liu Fei said, in the future, we will also establish a connection with the customs, commodity inspection, the product will be imported through 1688 channels on the two-dimensional code. Consumers only need to scan through the phone, you can trace back to the source, Homa Hosho."

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