2007 T2C Beijing webmaster meeting ended successfully

In November 3, 2007,

hosted by T2C Chi advertising alliance, the theme of "autumn in October: Tai Chi Beijing webmaster gatherings in the warm afternoon, strong coffee in the atmosphere, the curtain falls. The event attracted a lot of active participation in Beijing famous website owners. In the autumn harvest season, in the light of music driven, sipping the taste buds, while talk about the network advertising alliance dream.

T2C is a leading Chinese Internet advertising media integration platform operators, founded in 1999. According to the actual effect of advertising billing, network media and content matching network marketing model as one of the advertising services.

in the T2C service, we through the aggregation of more than and 20 sites to achieve the promotion of cross platform marketing products. In the process of implementing T2C delivery system has the advantage of technology through the integration of different orientation, including regional orientation, content oriented and user behavior orientation, to achieve a relatively efficient target user arrival rate, which makes it possible for advertisers to implement the online dissemination of accurate.

at the same time, T2C polymerization advertising services for the majority of small and medium sites provide a new business direction. By the third party platform to provide professional and perfect service, the implementation of efficient advertising business sharing, to help regulate the operation of small and medium sized web site and personal website media value has been re affirmed and used.

organizers T2C Tai Chi advertising alliance this time to product Tai Chi as the theme, to join hands with the famous super Adsense in Beijing to explore the years and future development stage. Symbol of T2C will be in the fall of 07, with the harvest and the vision of the future, with our partners in the other side of the road Xiang Shengli. At the beginning of the party, the organizers on the attention of the Tai Chi products are reviewed, but also introduced the future of the new Union and marketing plan Tai chi. The whole event, highlighting the "exchange" and "relaxed" two purposes, the party is more prominent the randomness and directionality, welcomed by the majority of the webmaster. Activities to discuss the sound wave after wave.

of the Beijing station activities successfully constructed Beijing station with T2C an information exchange platform, let the network allies in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, mutual understanding, honest communication, for fueling and promoting the development of advertising alliance.




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