Poly land site today Ali Juhuasuan online sales

renamed Chinese (eName.cn) December 12th – in – line earlier notice "poly" website today officially launched the domain name jutudi.com, reportedly with 2 million 800 thousand yuan buying.


figure: Juhuasuan

in August this year, Zhejiang Hop Hing Group Agel Ecommerce Ltd Alibaba "Juhuasuan" announced the implementation of the platform called poly land project will combine land transfer and e-commerce, the domain name jutudi.com is already registered. After a lapse of nearly 3 months, the news came, jutudi.com to $2 million 800 thousand high priced acquisition of mystery. Many people speculated that the buyer is likely to be Alibaba.

now, poly land site has been on the line, the domain name jutudi.com behind the mysterious buyers have emerged, is the founder of a land project Zhang Xinguang. Although not Alibaba, but also a slight correlation with Alibaba’s Juhuasuan. It is understood that in August this year, Zhejiang Lennon Agel Ecommerce Ltd joint Alibaba Juhuasuan group platform launched the "poly land project. Site related personnel, poly land project is a small group of partners and Juhuasuan proposed and implemented together, the first phase and the second phase of the land is to promote and sell together with Alibaba Juhuasuan."

poly land sites can be better integrated rural resources together, businesses and consumers can be displayed on the platform or access to relevant rural agricultural information, agricultural networking, etc.. After the land transfer policy, rural land resources will be able to achieve more possibilities through the internet.

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