Medical Minute: Diseases Spread By Medical Devices

first_img ‘It’s Fractured’: Georgia Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan On Healing Republican Party For Whom The Bell Rings ”Medical Minute” with Dr. Ford Vox and Jim Burress5:00In this “Medical Minute” segment, WABE senior correspondent Jim Burress and medical analyst Dr. Ford Vox talk about a concerning new “trend” in healthcare: the discovery that some of the complicated devices we rely on to help save lives can sometimes spread infections between patients.What’s remarkable is that this is happening even when the devices are used and cleaned according to manufacturer specifications. The problems have attracted the interest of some lawmakers, like Rep. Ted Lieu.FOR MORE INFORMATION:The Frightening New Risk in Heart Surgery. Consumer Reports. O’Horo et al. Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae and endoscopy: An evolving threat. American Journal of Infection Control. 2016 Sep 1;44(9):1032-6. Lawmaker calls for more scrutiny of scope maker after emails are disclosed. The Los Angeles Times. FDA rules allow medical device makers to keep injuries under wraps. The Star Tribune. ‘I want my teeth back,’ says one of 30 California kids infected by dirty, dangerous dentist water. The Washington Post.Pediatric dental infections tied to Anaheim clinic reach 37. The Orange County Register. Like us on Facebook Related Stories Share Legal Advocate Discusses Medical Abuse At Shut Down Georgia ICE Facility 5:00 | Play story Add to My ListIn My List last_img

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