7 Waste Free Changes that you can make now

first_imgFor years we have been exploiting natural resources continuously without giving time for their regeneration, which brings us to a state where we are facing scarcity of these important natural resources. It’s now or never. If we did not bring changes to our environment and use resources sustainably, soon we will be left with nothing, and life on earth will be extremely difficult.To live sustainably and save our environment, it is very important to know our trash and reduce the amount of trash that we send to landfills, for this, we have to bring changes in our lifestyle. A few swaps that you can make in your day to day lifestyle which will reduce the trash, and do not damage nature.SKIP PLASTIC WATER-BOTTLES :Instead of buying packaged drinking water, carry your own metal water bottles. Metal bottles will save your money, is a more sustainable option, can be recycled, long term, and do not cause any harm to the environment.BRING YOUR OWN BAG :While shopping for anything and everything, carry your own cloth bags or totes and SAY NO to single-use plastic polythenes. Always keep a shopping bag in your purse or backpack so you are always ready for sudden purchases.STRAWS, NAPKINS, AND UTENSILS :Avoid using single-use plastic straws, plastic utensils, and tissue papers. Instead, get a stainless steel straw and use it when you need it. Avoid using tissues in restaurants or cafes; instead, carry your own napkin that you can reuse later as well. Try to carry your own stainless steel boxes or wax wraps for your take away orders.GO BULK SHOPPING :Instead of buying groceries and vegetables in plastic packaging, try to shop in bulk and store them in glass jars or stainless steel boxes. For vegetables, you can always look out for Farmer’s market in your city and for bulk grains, local, old grocery shops are one of the best options.KITCHEN :Stop buying foils, use silicon mats, or beeswax paper instead. Store your leftover food in glass or steel containers. Reuse discarded RO water for other purposes like cleaning or watering your plants or washing used dishes. Use Glass or Metal bottles instead of plastic fridge bottles.TOILETRIES :Invest in good Bamboo toothbrush and wooden combs. You can make your own zero-waste DIY toothpaste, deodorant, soap, and shampoo bars. If you can’t make one, buy soap bars packaged in recyclable cardboard instead of using shower gels packaged in plastics.RAZORS AND SANITARY NAPKINS :If you use razors for shaving body hair regularly, invest in good metal safety razors. For your period days, use sanitary napkins that are easily recyclable or if you are comfortable, Silicon cups are a great alternative to tampons and non-recyclable sanitary napkins.These are very few things, but great for the start towards zero waste or sustainable living. You can always try your own ways to reduce trash.The Earth does not belong to us, we belong to the earth. If you want to enjoy the gifts of nature, you have to take care of it. Nature does not demand much, but just a little concern and your efforts.So this World Environment Day, let’s do something more than just sharing videos and images.last_img

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