Karna – The man I aspire to be

first_img“Who Am I?” This is an inevitable question that will come to one’s mind at least once in their lifetime and even though it sounds a question with an easy answer the truth is that it never was and it never will be. Many a great soul has delved deep into this maze to find an answer to the above but none of them could find one which suits one and all. We are what we are and each one of us is different in our own way. So, we move along our way of life which may or may not make sense to anyone else other than you. The aim of what we look is for, be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind”. Of course, it is not easy in today’s world but then that’s what makes life interesting.Mahabharata the great epic is the story of two families and their life, and in that, we can find ourself in one of the character’s and most often people tend to be associated with the Pandava’s. They are characterized as the good ones and the heroes in the story and the victorious ones at the end of eighteen days of brutal war which is touted as the war between good and evil. We assume since the Pandavas won the war they are on the side of the good and they won it fair and square. We are wrong in this perception since after the first few days of war and after the killing of Abhimanyu the war lost all the principles of fighting which was agreed earlier and then onwards it was a war of deceit and fight to win at any cost.In our life too we wanted to be on the side of the good but little we realize that being good doesn’t mean being human. For many Yudhishthira is the ideal human being and for some, it is either Arjuna or Bhima for their valour and strength. For me, it is Karna who is the hero of the story and he is more humane than any of the characters in the epic. All along his life his identity is of the son of a charioteer and those who know about the truth didn’t find it necessary to disclose to him and despite being the eldest of the Pandava in reality he was ridiculed and ostracized by one and all at one point of time or another. The only person who comes to his aide was Duryodhana and Karna never forget that till the last minute of his life. He fought for him even though he knew he was on the wrong side but his friendship never allowed him to think twice about his commitment to his friend. He knew he is fighting his brothers in the battle and despite a much better warrior and had the chance to kill each one of them, he let go each one of them since he made a promise to his mother Kunti that she will always have five sons by the end of the war.He is known for his charity and the lord of the devas “Indra” used that to his advantage and made sure Karna goes to the battle without his kavacha and kundela which makes Karna invincible and even Indra can’t defeat him in a battle leaving alone Arjuna if Karna has those in his possession. When Indra appeared before him as a brahman and asked his kavacha and kundela as alms, Karna recognized Indra but he couldn’t say no to his request and let go of his invincibility. In the battlefield when his chariot wheel got stuck in the mud during his one on one battle with Arjuna, he called Arjuna and ask for time to get it out which as per the battle rules are allowed but then Krishna saw it as an opportunity and asked Arjuna to destroy the chariot first and then break Karna’s bow and finally ask Arjuna to kill Karna who was standing in the battlefield without any bow or sword in his hand. Karna fulfilled his duty to his mother and to his friend till the end and he never wavered from his path irrespective of the promised future by Krishna. Krishna told him that once the war is over Karna will be the king since he is the eldest and promised that the Pandavas will be more than happy to be with their elder brother. But for Karna, his loyalty to his friend is of utmost importance and he gave his life for a person whom everyone else considers to be the reason for the war.In life, it’s my desire to be a Karna and be good to all and my words. Many times, it was easier said than done. There were times when I decided to go along with someone or something even though I know it is not for the good but then I do it since I feel it’s my karma. I see family and friends on the other side of my path and I know the choice is either to be with them or to be myself. For long I was in pains to choose between the two but today I am clear about my way forward. If Karna can fight for his belief, at least I can try to fight for what I feel is right for myself and if that means I will be standing alone without any weapons and those on the other side will have their arrows aimed at me then let it be so.  I know for sure I am neither Yudhishthira nor I am Arjuna or Bhima and I will never be like anyone of them but I can be a Karna who has nothing in this world other than his principles by which he lived and died.last_img

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